Flieger-Base Tandem – 3 children (group)


Tandem flight – 3 children up to 13 years or group. € 100 per child

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Relax flight : without many curves and slopes, it goes comfortably straight south towards Burg Landskron. After a 180 degree turn over the castle, it goes back over the west bay of the lake and the landing follows.

Thermal flight: If the conditions are right, the pilots use the thermals on the edge of the slope to gain more and more altitude with several turns.

Freestyle flight : With track speeds of over 100 km/h and angles of up to 135 degrees, the acro tandem pros skilfully steer the paraglider through the manoeuvres. For a moment your body feels lighter than normal, a short time later it presses you into the seat with 3 Gs. Although this flight only lasts 10 minutes, it has the longest effect after landing.

Alone flight : In very calm weather conditions, the pilot hands you over the steering lines. You steer the two-seater all by yourself until shortly before landing. You get all the necessary tips directly from the professionals, and if things get stressful, the pilot intervenes in good time.

Of course, your flight can also be a mix of everything.

With the original Flieger-Base tandem flight, everything is included on request .

No extra packages and therefore no additional costs for thermal flight or aerobatic flight!

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