Best Place – Airman Base

The original Flieger-Base tandem flight with the most beautiful landing site in the Alps!

Tandem phone: 0043 677 628 101 89

air base buzzer

You need:

  • Sturdy shoes
  • windbreaker
  • sunglasses
  • 90 minutes
  • Ticket for the Gerlitzen – Kanzelbahn
  • 20kg to 110kg
  • good mood

You get:

  • Reception at the air base
  • Bus ride to the Kanzelbahn
  • Short briefing before take-off from your pilot
  • 15 – 20 min pure flight experience over the Carinthian lake landscape
  • unique flair at the landing site with fresh water, sanitary facilities, and much more.

1 adult: 145,-
2 adults: 140,- per person
Groups of 3 or more adults: 135 per person

Children up to 13 years: 125,-
2 children: 115,- per child
Groups of 3 or more children: 110 per child

No extra packages and therefore no additional costs for thermal flight or aerobatic flight.

With the original Flieger-Base tandem flight, everything is included on request.

Photos and videos:

16 GB memory card with all photos and videos from the flight: 29.00

Would you like to take off today or tomorrow?

Then call now!

Tandem phone: 0043 677 628 101 89

good mood flight


The Flieger Base pilots are not only state-certified tandem pilots, they are much more.
You turned your hobby into a profession many years ago and have positively influenced and shaped paragliding in many areas.

With us you fly with real professionals!

Xandi Meschuh

  • Multiple aerobatic world cup winner
  • Research and development for Icaro Paragliders since 2004
  • Test pilot since 2003
  • state certified flight instructor / paragliding safety trainer
  • author

Thomas Grabner

  • Designer and Head of Aircraft Accident Investigation at Diamond Aircraft until 2009
  • Inventor of the world’s first centrifugal force simulator for paragliders, the G-Force Trainer
  • Test pilot, aerobatic pilot
  • Product designer for aviation items

Calin popa

  • Tandem – Acrobatic Specialist
  • Inventor of the first flight instructor robot.
  • Research and development for Icaro Paragliders
  • test pilot
  • state certified flight instructor / paragliding safety trainer

Thorsten Seul

  • tandem pro
  • Paragliding aerobatic pro

your flight

How would you like to fly?

Profy pilots offer different types of flights. Just tell your pilot before takeoff or during the flight what kind of flight you want.

Relax flight: Without many curves and slopes, it goes comfortably straight south, in the direction of Landskron Castle. After a 180 degree turn over the castle, it goes back over the west bay of the lake and the landing follows.

Thermal flight: If the conditions are right, the pilots use the updrafts on the edge of the slope to gain more and more altitude with several turns.

Freestyle flight: With track speeds of over 100 km/h and inclines of up to 135 degrees, the acro tandem pros skilfully steer the paraglider through the manoeuvres. For a moment your body feels lighter than normal, a short time later it presses you into the seat with 3 Gs. Although this flight only lasts 10 minutes, it has the longest effect after landing.

Alone flight: In very calm weather conditions, the pilot hands you over the steering lines. You steer the two-seater all by yourself until shortly before landing. You get all the necessary tips directly from the professionals, and if things get stressful, the pilot intervenes in good time.

Of course, your flight can also be a mix of everything.

Frequently asked questions:

Where are you jumping from ?
The starting point is at the summit of the Gerlitzen at 1911m above sea level. (coordinates – link)
If the summit is covered in clouds, we start from the Kanzelhöhe at 1500 m above sea level. (coordinates – link)

How cold is it up there?
Expect the temperature at take-off and during flight to be around 10-15 degrees less than at the landing site. Added to this is the headwind of around 40 km/h.

How long have you been doing this ?
Since 1989, accident-free.

Can I take the photos and videos myself?
Naturally ! To be on the safe side, take a fastening strap with you so that nothing gets lost during the flight. However, your hands should be free during take-off and landing.

Can I take my backpack with me ?
Backpacks up to 20L can easily be stowed in the harness.

Can I tag my own helmet? Yes, if it has an EN license for aviation.

Do I have to be sporty?
No of course not. Just a few quick steps are all it takes to get started.
If your musculoskeletal system is restricted, everyone helps together so that you can take off safely.

Do I also have to walk when landing?
No. Just tell your pilot that you would prefer a seated landing.

Fear of heights and paragliding ?
Panic – open-minded people need a little more time at the start, but nobody has regretted it after landing.

What happens with air holes?
It rocks a little. Turbulence is updrafts and downdrafts. When flying through a downward wind, it feels like there is a hole in the air. The paraglider is a fair-weather aircraft. If the winds are too strong, the flights are simply postponed to the next nice phase.

What do we do when it rains?
If the weather forecast doesn’t fit, we’ll call you in advance and ask for an alternative date. Short and small showers can be expected at the landing site or at the summit.

What happens if I get sick?
Tell the pilot before it’s too late. The pilot has puke bags with him and can still intervene in time. The landing site offers everything to freshen up afterwards.

Can we have a little party at your place after landing?
With pleasure. The club offers the perfect infrastructure for this: parking spaces, sanitary facilities, fresh water, refrigerators, manicured lawns, fire bowl grill, electricity, music, shady terrace for approx. 30 people and 20 hammocks under palm trees.

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