Airman Base Club

Welcome to the 1st Union Paragliding Acro Club Carinthia, at the Flieger Base.



INFORMATION about landing:

landeeinteilung fliegerbase

– With easterly winds (main wind direction): Follow the green arrows when approaching.
– If the wind is south or west: Land at your own discretion. (Apart)
– No overflight over the road below 50 m.
– Give student pilots the preflight at their landing circuit (blue arrows).
– Go to the paraglider packing station after landing.
– With more than 10km/h S-SW-W wind at the landing site, we recommend not to take off anymore.
– Avoid flying into the Red Zone.
– No emergency landing in the lido.
– If you land on water and the alarm is triggered, this must be reported to the Flieger Base staff immediately after the rescue and the reimbursement of costs (€150) to the ÖWR
to transfer. Failure to comply will result in membership lapse.

Membership fee 2022:
Summer season : €50,-
10 days: €25,-


waterslide flyer base

airbase group photo

approach of the pilots

1.PACC / St. Andräer Str. 2 / 9520 Annenheim

Information for visitors

If you are planning a paragliding stay in this flight area, then our collection of links can certainly help you.

Gerlitzen weather simply:

Weather cameras around the Flieger-Base:

With the it-wms cameras, the wind speed and direction are often wrong. Look for the flags or paragliders in the picture. Because flags don’t lie.

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