GForce Trainer
Created by Thomas Grabner

The world’s first G-force simulator for paragliders

The G-Force trainer is a centrifugal force simulator that was developed for the further training of paraglider pilots and can be tried out at the Flieger-Base. So you no longer need to be afraid of the initiation of the spiral and an uncertain outcome. You don’t need 1,000 meters of altitude below you and you can fully concentrate on the exercises.

Train directly with Thomas on the G-Force trainer:

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of the simulator training
  • Learn under real but controlled conditions.
  • Limit the maximum G-load to any value.
  • Prepare and practice of procedures in difficult emergency situations (risk of blackout in the event of unintentionally caused centrifugal loads, e.g. spiral fall after a cravat or collision).
  • Close-up observation
    Errors or carelessness in stressful situations don’t remain hidden and can thus be corrected and consolidated in the process.
  • The rescue release can be safely tested or checked.
  • You can also learn to control your body movements in connection with your belt without being disturbed.
G-Force training program


The training goals include the safe handling of G-forces, learning the breath-movement-tension techniques as well as controlling and controlling the G-force in a spiral.

We want to point out that it’s not just about “how much G I can take” but what a spiral actually feels like, what am I doing right or wrong and, above all, “How do I initiate a spiral with the right technique – and also out again in the border area?”.


Danger and technical instruction on the training device
Simulator training with increasing G-load with individual adjustment to the pilot and learning anti-G-straining.


Learning the movement sequences for initiating and exiting the spiral dive with error analysis
Optimization of harness settings (if necessary)
Getting to know the physical limits up to the beginning


Expanding the limits with the technique “Anti-G-Straining Maneuver”
Deployment of the rescue parachute from your own harness at high G loads (4G).
Evaluation with debriefing
Video analysis and film contribution of your training on request